Catholic Turned Atheist

I was raised Catholic. Six years of Catholic school. Church every Sunday. Catholic award in girl scouts. All the sacraments. I WAS CATHOLIC. I prayed every night before bed. In fact that's one of the things I miss the most. It was a nice little conversation to have. It was like discussing with a close friend all your problems and what was going on in your life.

My transition from Catholic to atheist started when I was planning my wedding. I called a local church to ask about getting married there. It wasn't my local church. My fiancée and I lived in the town next to my hometown and I liked the appearance and layout of this church better than the one I had always gone to. So one of the first things the priest asks me is has either of us ever been married before. Now my husband is from the UK and...guess what? He was married before and had a daughter when he was 19. I could have said no when he asked me. No way they ever would have been able to find out that he had, in fact, been married before. But I'm honest to a fault and I just blurted out yes, told the whole story. So the priest explains they will have to put it in from of a board who will have to annull my husband's marriage. And that it would be $300 to do so. And he wasn't sure if we would have a decision in time for our chosen marriage date so he suggested ordering two sets of invitations; one with the date we wanted and one with a later date in case the decision didn't come through in time. I was a mess. What was I going to do? I never considered a justice of the peace which now, would be my only choice. I wanted a church wedding. Turned out a friend helped us get married in her church, a Methodist church, and it was great. The minister was wonderful. But this started me thinking about religion and catholicism and I came to the eventual conclusion that it is all just a bunch of man made horse shit. I look back on that girl who went to mass and prayed before bed and I don't recognize her. 

I do not believe in God anymore. My parents accepted it just fine, my Dad died late 2014 and my mother still believes but she doesn't go to church. I was supposed to pay a group of priests $300 to sit around a table and say my husband's first marriage didn't happen? A marriage that produced a child? What a crock. That was the start of it all. And I'm glad it happenend. I hope someday every person will think like me.

- Molly, Former Catholic