Episode 7: Breaking Up

Danny Scott grew up in a big Irish/Scottish/Italian family in New Jersey, and as anyone familiar with stereotypes will infer, Danny was raised Catholic. Still, Danny enjoyed going to church and found comfort in Catholicism. He enjoyed the community and he credits the Catholic high school he attended with keeping him focused and giving him the structure and discipline to earn his high school diploma. And yet, a few years after high school Danny was in a place where he felt he had to leave Catholicism and as he puts it, "break up" with God.

It has been several years since Danny and God split, though recently, Danny has been reexamining the great beyond and now considers himself spiritual but not religious, a man of faith, with no faith. Danny does not believe in the bible, but when he sees one in a room, he can not help but feel drawn to it. So what is it about God/the Bible/Jesus that Danny can not completely break up from? Is it possible for him to be an objective spiritual person, outside of organized religion? And why is it that lately everyone Danny meets wants to talk about God?