Episode 3: The Logic of Islam

Often when we see Islam brought up in conversation, it is discussed in one of two ways. Either it is spoken about in a fearful way, in which the religion and its believers are to be heavily scrutinized (a la Fox News, Donald Trump) or it is a religion of peace with a bad reputation because of a few terrorist extremists (a la Barack Obama, MSNBC.) And as is often the case with two opposing ends of a spectrum, neither is anywhere close to the truth.  

The reality about Islam and Muslims can not be broken down into soundbites and the truth about them exists somewhere in the gray area between the all fearful or all politically correct attitudes with which we approach them. In today's episode we speak with Former Muslim, Ibrahim. Ibrahim was raised in Egypt and speaks about growing up Muslim, how traveling and having a daughter changed his mind about his faith, and how he is helping other former Muslim's to transition out of Islam despite the fact that many times, they are risking their own lives to do so.