Episode 2: A Big Slice Out of a Good Life

The Catholic Church is the largest religious body in the United States and currently comprises 22% of the population. And despite it's influence and it's recently popularity brought forth by the new Pope, the Catholic Church's numbers are steadily declining.

This past year, a film which highlighted the plight of Boston Globe reporters exposing years of sexual abuse and subsequent cover up that took place in the Catholic Church - Spotlight - won the Academy Award for best picture, and left many questioning their own Catholic upbringings. 

It's often easy to dismiss past occurrences as circumstantial in the context of the times in which they occurred. How often do we hear our elders lament about a past grievance then brush it off with the statement "that's just how it was back then." It's a statement which also implicitly says "let's move on" and yet that is often the opposite of what we should do. Because while the statement "that's just how it was," is true, it doesn't make what occurred in the past is good, or healthy or right, and it is absolutely essential that we take the time - even if it's just a moment - to acknowledge that.

In today's episode of the show we speak with former Catholic, Eileen. Eileen's powerful story is one filled with harrowing occurrences likely shared by many Catholics of her generation. Join us as host Hayley Karl and co-host Dustin Parent speak with Eileen and examine of how this psychological damage brought about by the Catholic Church, effected her, and how she helps herself and others heal and be who she is in spite of it.